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EPANET-RTX real time extension for the EPANET toolkit

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, National Homeland Security Research Center announces the open source project for EPANET-RTX.  What is EPANET-RTX? RTX (the real-time extension) is the first open-source library to extend the base EPANET hydraulic and water quality simulation functionality

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WaterNetGen – EPANET extension – pipe sizing

Update: following a comment by Joaquim Sousa, one of the developers of WaterNetGen, I have updated the post since it seems I made a mistake and didn’t use the right settings for the SA method – sorry. A few months

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The Battle of the Water Networks (BWN-II)

During the 14th Water Distribution Systems Analysis Conference (WDSA 2012), a new Battle of the Water Networks will be held: The Battle of the Water Networks (BWN-II) is the fourth in a series of “Battle Competitions” dating back to the “Battle of

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Stated NRW (Non-Revenue Water) Rates in Urban Networks

A few months ago, the SWAN forum published a list of stated NRW (Non-Revenue Water) rates in urban networks (pdf file). According to this list there are major cities with non-revenue water rate higher than 30%:  Adana Turkey 69.0% Bacolod Philippines

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How to open EPANet’s help file in Windows 7

Windows 10 user see this post: How to open EPANET’s help file on Windows 10? I get this question from time to time from people who are unable to open the EPANet help file in Windows 7. Actually, the help file

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Identify the datasets contest – the results

About a month I asked my readers to identify data-sets of digital and analog inputs of two sensors I connected to an iobridge  IO-204 Monitor and Control Module. I offered a prize of 100$ to the first correct answer. I got a few

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100$ identify the datasets contest

THE CONTEST IS OVER – resualts are here Some time ago I reported the water pressure at my house connection. It was around 9 bars! Ever since I was looking for a way to monitor the water pressure and also

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EPANet Plus – improved map export to DXF

Baoyu Zhuang added a few functions to the EPANet GUI to allow more options while exporting a map to the DXF format. The USEPA version of EPANet allows the user to export a map to DXF using the File->Export->Map form:

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What is in the picture?

What do you see? The answer, posted on 27-01-2011 is at the end of the post A free copy of EPANet will be awarded to everyone who submits an answer 🙂 Have you seen the pictures of the dry Niagara Falls? Update

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The future of EPANet

EPANet 3 is due sometime next year and it will probably be the last version supported by the US EPA. Last year, a proposal was made at the 2009 EWRI conference in Kansas City to establish an Open Source Project for EPANet.

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