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First community release of the EPANET toolkit

It took us just over one year since the announcement of an open source EPANET initiative to release the first community version of the EPANET toolkit (the EPANET engine DLL). This is now version EPANET 2.1. From the release note: The

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Announcement of an open source EPANET initiative

Dominic Boccelli published today an announcement about a new open source EPANET initiative: The EPANET program and source code have played invaluable roles in research and practice in the WDSA field. The undersigned supporters of the Open Source EPANET initiative acknowledge the

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The creator of EPANET has retired

Jim Uber posted on the EPANET-Users list that Lew Rossman, the creator of EPANET, has retired. He also sent the code of QHCSIM which Lew published back in 1991 and might be the first public version of a combined hydraulic

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This is an update of a 2005 post about WANDA version 3. The program has been updated over the years and these are the current details from Deltares Systems: WANDA is a powerful and user-friendly program for the hydraulic design

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WatDis, the Little Challenger

This is a guest post by Marcelino Rodríguez from Transparent Blue. WatDis in short WatDis 1.3 is a system for the analysis of water pressure distributions networks. The software allows engineers to evaluate the behavior of the pipe network and

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GeoAdvice Model Comparator

When working with hydraulic models, especially of large networks, the user often face a problem when he wants to compare two versions on the model to see what changes were made. The GeoAdvice Model Comparator by GEOAdviceֲ aims to assist in

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WaterIng – Water Distribution System Design and Analysis

WaterIng is a software research program of the Multidisciplinary Group of Fluid Modelling in Valencia (GMMF):ֲ WaterIng is a software package for water distribution system design and analysis. It offers a multi-objective evolutionary optimization engine based on distributed artificial intelligence

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Tim Hirrel sent me his new product release info for Tdhnet: 3 new hydraulic network modeling products have been released and are now available for download. These products are the latest releases in the Tdhnet line of hydraulic network software

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Pipeline Studio

From Energy-Solutions: pipelinestudio is the industry-leading tool for design and off-line simulation of pipeline networks. It features: * Quick and easy project setup * Advanced hydraulic models for liquids and gas * Steady-state and transient simulation pipelinestudio improves the efficiency

SimHydraulics 1.0

MathWorks, the makers of Matlab, released a new product that models and simulate hydraulic systems – SimHydraulics. SimHydraulics extends Simulink with tools for modeling and simulating hydraulic power and control systems. It enables you to describe multidomain systems containing connected