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Running HEC-RAS from Visual Basic 6 and Excel VBA

HEC-RAS is free a software by the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) at the US Army Corp of Engineers which allows you to perform one-dimensional steady flow, unsteady flow, sediment transport/mobile bed computations, and water temperature modeling. Recently I needed to run HEC-RAS from my

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XPSWMM by xpsoftwareis saidֲ to be complete software package for modeling stormwater and wastewater flows and pollutants. Itֲ may beֲ used by scientists, engineers and resource and asset managers to simulate natural rainfall-runoff processes and the performance of engineered systems that manage our

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nofdp IDSS

The nofdp IDSS (Nature Oriented Flood Damage Prevention, Information and Decision Support System) is an open source application for the interactive development of flood risk strategies and 1D hydrodynamic flood simulation. Additionalֲ modules for ecological and spatial analysis, multi criteria evaluation,

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PCSWMM.NET, from CHI, is aֲ spatial decision support system for US EPA SWMM 5 urban drainage modeling (sanitary, storm, combined and watershed systems). From CHI web site: Built from the ground up around a modern, powerful GIS engine that works seamlessly

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InfoSewer Version 4.0

MWH Soft announced the availability of the V4 Generation of InfoSewer for power ArcGIS (ESRI, Redlands, CA) users. From MWH Soft web page: InfoSewer is a powerful ArcGIS-based computer program for use in the planning, design, analysis, and expansion of

RiverCAD and StormNET updates

BOSS International released two updates: Multiple River Reaches in RiverCAD XP RiverCAD XP now fully supports multiple river reaches allowing you to model dendritic river networks. RiverCAD XP fully integrates with LDD and Civil3D software. RiverCAD XP for AutoCAD is

InfoWorks CS version 7.5

From Wallingford Software press release: Wallingford Software announces that the next release of its flagship wastewater network management solution, InfoWorks CS v7.5, adds a powerful new capability for those seeking to accurately model overland urban flooding. This new feature, available

H2OMAP SWMM Designer

From MWH Soft web site: H2OMAP SWMM Designer offers a very sophisticated optimization capability representing a major step forward for collection system modeling. With this capability, you can rapidly formulate and assess various reliable and cost-effective improvement solutions, which previously

FloodWorks provides automated internet publishing of flood forecasts

Wallingford Software announces that the latest release of FloodWorks, the real-time flood forecasting and flood warning system, now supports internet publishing of results. With this development, FloodWorks version 5.0, released at the end of 2005, can automatically publish flood forecasts

Profile for collecting, diagnosing and analyzing flow and rainfall data

ADS Environmental Services announces the release of their newest software Profile 3.0: This powerful desktop software tool is an intelligent data manager that is easy to use and contains unsurpassed analytical tools. Designed for configuring, collecting, diagnosing, analyzing, and reporting