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After many years of working with EPANET models from all around the world I have developed tools and methods for the conversions of models coordinates systems and now offer an EPANET coordinates conversion service. More information here.

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This is a guest post by Mark Wilson, founder of AccuModel. Hello readers of the water-simulation blog. I am happy to announce the release of the first version of our first product AccuWater. This is an EPANET2 based water distribution system …

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This is a guest post by David García, manager of IrrigatePlus. Irrigateplus is a program based on EPANET that includes, in a single program, all the necessary tools for the design, calculation and analysis of irrigation systems. Even though IrrigatePlus …

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Brian Haulman of Tahoe Design Software sent me a message that they have released a new version of HYDROFLO (a piping system design software): We have just updated HYDROFLO to major version 3. It has many new features and tools and is …

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This is an update of a 2005 post about WANDA version 3. The program has been updated over the years and these are the current details from Deltares Systems: WANDA is a powerful and user-friendly program for the hydraulic design …

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There is a new version of HYDROFLO. See here. In February 2005 I wrote about the beta version of HYDROFLO. Since then the program has matured into a commercial product. From HYDROFLO web site: HYDROFLO is a software tool that assists piping system …

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When working with hydraulic models, especially of large networks, the user often face a problem when he wants to compare two versions on the model to see what changes were made. The GeoAdvice Model Comparator by GEOAdviceֲ aims to assist in …

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XPSWMM by xpsoftwareis saidֲ to be complete software package for modeling stormwater and wastewater flows and pollutants. Itֲ may beֲ used by scientists, engineers and resource and asset managers to simulate natural rainfall-runoff processes and the performance of engineered systems that manage our …

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ESRI web site includes a section named The Resource Center for Water Utilities Management: The web site is for the ArcGIS water, wastewater, and stormwater utility community. It provides useful templates and best practice information enabling you to implement ArcGIS …

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Flow Calc is a commercialֲ ֲ computer software program designed to calculate common Open Channel Flow hydraulic characteristics using only the methods of the Manning’s Equation for regular and irregular channel geometries for steady uniform flow including circular and elliptical pipes.   …

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