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First community release of the EPANET toolkit

It took us just over one year since the announcement of an open source EPANET initiative to release the first community version of the EPANET toolkit (the EPANET engine DLL). This is now version EPANET 2.1. From the release note: The

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Announcement of an open source EPANET initiative

Dominic Boccelli published today an announcement about a new open source EPANET initiative: The EPANET program and source code have played invaluable roles in research and practice in the WDSA field. The undersigned supporters of the Open Source EPANET initiative acknowledge the

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EPANET-RTX real time extension for the EPANET toolkit

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, National Homeland Security Research Center announces the open source project for EPANET-RTX.  What is EPANET-RTX? RTX (the real-time extension) is the first open-source library to extend the base EPANET hydraulic and water quality simulation functionality

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The future of EPANet

EPANet 3 is due sometime next year and it will probably be the last version supported by the US EPA. Last year, a proposal was made at the 2009 EWRI conference in Kansas City to establish an Open Source Project for EPANet.

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nofdp IDSS

The nofdp IDSS (Nature Oriented Flood Damage Prevention, Information and Decision Support System) is an open source application for the interactive development of flood risk strategies and 1D hydrodynamic flood simulation. Additionalֲ modules for ecological and spatial analysis, multi criteria evaluation,

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