EPANET-RTX real time extension for the EPANET toolkit

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, National Homeland Security Research Center announces the open source project for EPANET-RTX. 

What is EPANET-RTX? RTX (the real-time extension) is the first open-source library to extend the base EPANET hydraulic and water quality simulation functionality to include SCADA data acquisition and predictive forecasting capabilities. The typical use of this toolkit is building an application that loads a water utility’s hydraulic network model to run an extended-period simulation driven by sensor measurements stored in a SCADA historian. The goal of the RTX library is to make this complex task more accessible to programmers and engineers. The user of this library can incorporate as little or as much of the functionality as desired. For instance, RTX library components could be used to connect to a SCADA system, clean certain data streams (such as a tank level or flow measurement), and provide a predictive forecast of sensor data. RTX can also be used as an object abstraction layer for EPANET (e.g., for GUI development or other purposes). EPANET-RTX paves the way for building situational awareness tools to improve the operation, management, and security of water systems.

Intended Audience: RTX is intended for use by programmers and engineers interested in building data-fused hydraulic modeling environments. This is considered a “development release;” the code is under active development but this release announcement is being made in order to inform the water modeling community and generate interest amongst potential contributors.

Included Example Application: Along with the code base, we’ve provided the first RTX application. The “Validator” application uses the RTX library to load an EPANET network model and run a “real-time” simulation based on example SCADA data. The purpose of the application is to demonstrate the sorts of tasks that are possible using this new toolkit.

License: RTX is released under the BSD 2-clause license, which permits redistribution and use of EPANET-RTX in source and binary forms, with or without modification, provided that the full copyright notice and a list of disclaimers are included in the distribution.

Learn More: Visit http://openwateranalytics.github.com/epanet-rtx/

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  1. Salah says:

    Please inform

  2. slv says:

    i want to ask about EPANET in Matlab.
    Is there is any function calleh ‘EN_SOLVEH’and ‘EN_OPEN’ is required to open/run a network.

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