What is in the picture?

What do you see? The answer, posted on 27-01-2011 is at the end of the post

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Have you seen the pictures of the dry Niagara Falls?

Update 15/01/2011: most of you are right, this is a damaged fire hydrant. However, what is that black circle in the middle?

The answer 27/01/2011:as already stated this is a damaged fire hydrant. The black circle in the middle is a polycarbonate ball the prevents water from flowing out after the hydrant was damaged. When the hydrant is intactthere are steel holders which keep the ball lowered and allow water to flow. A schematic figure of the system, may be found here.

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20 comments on “What is in the picture?
  1. Ethan says:

    I think it is a hydrant

  2. malik says:

    I think also that it is a fire hydrant

  3. Israel says:

    Also can be a buried valve

  4. Abbas Yari says:

    Its body is made of Iron and has a plug inside. It is buried in sidewalk. It could be hydrant, fire or in a lesser probbility, drinking fountain.

  5. Mon says:

    I think it is a bayonet type fire hydrant.

  6. musyafa wiryanto says:

    That is a missile which stopped in the concrete walls.

  7. Dear Elad,
    I suppose that picture represents piezometer well or opening for drainage of water (reduction of hydrostatic pressure) behind the retaining wall.
    The remains of the hardened mass around the borehole as a seems like signal to further injection maybe was done…

  8. reza says:

    I also think it is a crashed fire hydrant

  9. Lytone Kanowa says:

    It is a ‘vandalized’ water distribution gadget.

  10. Nasereddin says:

    First, this is not a wall, this is sidewallk the iron pice may be the basis for extinguishing the fire pump or a gas cylinder was buried upside down.

  11. It is possible that is geodetic marker…

  12. abdullah says:

    It looks like a broken fire hydrant

  13. wuhao says:

    One fire hydrant was damaged in pavement.

  14. Gonzalo Freites says:

    I think is a broken glove valve, buried in the concrete

  15. Amir Idris says:

    It seems to be damaged fire hydrant

  16. KHlaifi Ihsen says:

    Is is à geodisic point

  17. puru says:

    this may be a damaged hydrant.

  18. Steve Crosman says:

    Is it the end of an inflatable plug?

  19. Hatari says:

    It is definitely vandalized, red it might be a hydrant but no water is pushing out. My guess will will be a red metal bollard

  20. ABRAHANLOPEZ says:

    certainly the pi cture show a policarbonate juntion ball to securyty inside of hydrant when its body is destroyed

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