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What users think – ISO guidelines keep water flowing

This post by Natalia Drault and T. Duncan Ellison is reprinted from ISO Focus+ magazine according to the reuse license. The authors are members of the ISO/TC 224.  I’m an expert member of ISO TC224/WG 09 which is writing the ISO standard for Water Event Detection system. Access to

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Where did those Fire Hydrants go?

Are your Fire Hydrant maps updated? Can Firefighters access them in real time? Read this report by wspa: Firefighters say a mistake on a map did not give them the information they needed to fight a fire over the weekend in Anderson

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Guest posts – invitation to write on this blog

Hi all, From time to time people send great information to share with the readers of this blog. I have decided to step it up a little and give a try to guest posts. Your content may reach hundreds of reader

Identify the datasets contest – the results

About a month I asked my readers to identify data-sets of digital and analog inputs of two sensors I connected to an iobridge  IO-204 Monitor and Control Module. I offered a prize of 100$ to the first correct answer. I got a few

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100$ identify the datasets contest

THE CONTEST IS OVER – resualts are here Some time ago I reported the water pressure at my house connection. It was around 9 bars! Ever since I was looking for a way to monitor the water pressure and also

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Follow Water Simulation blog on Twitter

I have just opened a twitter account for this blog, so why don’t you follow @watersim ?

What is in the picture?

What do you see? The answer, posted on 27-01-2011 is at the end of the post A free copy of EPANet will be awarded to everyone who submits an answer 🙂 Have you seen the pictures of the dry Niagara Falls? Update

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Synchronized toilet flushing

Online water demand data, published by EPCOR, show that Canadians have invented a new kind of sport – synchronized toilet flushing. It seems that all the TV viewer of the Olympic gold medal hockey game flushed their toilet at the

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Water pressure at my home connection

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with an American colleague regarding the maximum water pressure at home connections. He was amazed to hear that the water pressure at my house is about 9 bars. To show him I

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The Water Channel TV

The Water Channel TV is a dedicated web-based video channel on water. Itֲ caters to a large audience, making a large amount of video material availableֲ in support of many initiatives. From the wb site: TheWaterChannel brings together several strands: insights in