Hello all,

My name is Elad Salomons and I’m a water resources engineer. Once in a while I’m asked to recommend a water simulation package (WSP). Usually my answer changes according to the person asking. If it is a student or someone doing academic research I often send him to the EPA web site to download EPANET.

But when it is an engineering firm asking, or a small water utility then I must sit back and think what is the best WSP for the client. What are the needs? Does he need database connectivity, GIS, AutoCAD, asset management and so on.

Since there are more than a few WSPs out there I made a short, and not complete, list of them. This started as one simple web page but I got many positive responses and suggestions to include more information about water related software, so I decided to give it a try and maintain a wider web site.

This is not a commercial site and it is funded by the use of Google ads.