The Battle of the Water Networks (BWN-II)

During the 14th Water Distribution Systems Analysis Conference (WDSA 2012), a new Battle of the Water Networks will be held:

The Battle of the Water Networks (BWN-II) is the fourth in a series of “Battle Competitions” dating back to the “Battle of the Water Networks” in 1985 and more recently the “Battle of the Water Sensor Networks” in 2006 and the “Battle of the Water Calibration Networks” in 2010.

The BWN-II calls for teams/individuals from academia, consulting firms, and utilities to propose a design methodology and apply it to a real water distribution system. The results of the BWN-II will be presented at a special session of the upcoming 14th Water Distribution Systems Analysis Symposium.

Each participating team/individual must submit an on-line abstract by February 17, 2012 for the WDSA2012 conference that briefly discusses the proposed design approach (e.g., trial and error with simulation, evolutionary computation, heuristics, etc.). Notifications of accepted/rejected abstracts will be made by March 16, 2012.

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