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Baoyu Zhuang added a few functions to the EPANet GUI to allow more options while exporting a map to the DXF format. The USEPA version of EPANet allows the user to export a map to DXF using the File->Export->Map form: …

EPANet Plus – improved map export to DXF Read More »

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A colleague wanted to convert an EPANet file to an AutoCAD drawing. After having a few issues with the DXF2EPAutility he found anothe program for this task – EPACAD. EPACAD, by the ITAresearch group over at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, is a …

EPACAD – AutoCAD to EPANet Read More »

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Back in May 2001, Lewis Rossman, author of EPANET, released a small utility to convert dxf files to EPANET format. After a little time he announced that the EPA will not continue to distribute and support the utility. A few …

DXF2EPA – AutoCad DXF File Conversion Utility for EPANET Read More »

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