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My Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign to promote awareness of the ALS disease and encourage donations to research. It involves dumping a bucket of ice water on your head and challenging others to do the same. If you are

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Japanese toilets and energy consumption

During an ISO meeting one of the members said that toilets should be called “user interface”. This led to a somewhat funny discussion about toilets around the world. While talking about the heated toilets in Japan it was pointed that

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Poisoned Waters – video

From FrontLine: More than three decades after the Clean Water Act, iconic American waterways like the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound are in perilous condition and facing new sources of contamination. With polluted runoff still flowing in from industry, agriculture

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NYC water system map on stolen computer

According to the New York Sun “New York City’s water supply could be the target of contamination if a water system map made its way into the wrong hands…” New York City’s water supply could be the target of contamination

Down the drain – Chicago’s Sewers

From the Chicago Public Library Digital Collection: Beneath our feet lies a vast labyrinth of pipes and tunnels. These passageways, the sewer system, are central to the health of our community. Today most Chicagoans take the existence of the sewer

Harnessing the power of waves

“Since ancient times poets have revered the power of the seas. Now energy companies and coastal cities like New York and San Francisco are aiming to tap ocean waves and tidal currents as abundant sources of electricity.” “Whether captured by