Author: Elad Salomons

Crowd funding for the Open Source EPANET project

We need your help!!! Kobus Van Zyl and Dominic Boccelli, members of the EPANET Steering Committee, just launched a crowd funding campaign for the Open Source EPANET project. The first project that is planned to be supported is for one of the main developers (Elad

Xylem acquires Visenti

During the 2010 WDSA conference in Tucson I met the WaterWiSe@SG team and was impressed with their achievements. Following that conference, I wrote a post titled “WaterWiSe@SG – a huge step towards the Water Smart Grid”. A year later the

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First community release of the EPANET toolkit

It took us just over one year since the announcement of an open source EPANET initiative to release the first community version of the EPANET toolkit (the EPANET engine DLL). This is now version EPANET 2.1. From the release note: The

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EPANET coordinates conversion service

After many years of working with EPANET models from all around the world I have developed tools and methods for the conversions of models coordinates systems and now offer an EPANET coordinates conversion service. More information here.

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Israeli Supreme Court rules that a water utility with an AMR system must notify a customer when irregular consumption is detected

About ten years ago I had a discussion with the director of one of the largest water utilities in Israel regarding the option to deploy water quality sensors in the distribution network and to set up an event detection system.

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Re-Engineering the user interface of EPANET

Two important initiatives started this year. The first is the announcement of the Open Source EPANET project which is currently focused on the EPANET engine (solver). The second is a tender (or solicitation) issued by the USEPA for the “Re-Engineering SWMM and

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AccuWater – EPANET web application

This is a guest post by Mark Wilson, founder of AccuModel. Hello readers of the water-simulation blog. I am happy to announce the release of the first version of our first product AccuWater. This is an EPANET2 based water distribution system

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Irrigateplus – EPANET irrigation software

This is a guest post by David García, manager of IrrigatePlus. Irrigateplus is a program based on EPANET that includes, in a single program, all the necessary tools for the design, calculation and analysis of irrigation systems. Even though IrrigatePlus

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How to open EPANET’s help file on Windows 10?

Since Microsoft rolled out Windows Vista the help files viewer was not included in the standard installation and user had to install the Windows Help program separately. This fix worked fine up to Windows 8.1. Earlier this year Windows 10 was

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Announcement of an open source EPANET initiative

Dominic Boccelli published today an announcement about a new open source EPANET initiative: The EPANET program and source code have played invaluable roles in research and practice in the WDSA field. The undersigned supporters of the Open Source EPANET initiative acknowledge the

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