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Battle of Background Leakage Assessment for Water Networks – BBLAWN

During the WDSA 2014 conference a new “battle” will be held: The Battle of Background Leakage Assessment for Water Networks is the fifth in a series of “Battle Competitions” dating back to the Battle of the Water Networks (BWN) in 1985 and

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Paper: The Battle of the Water Networks II (BWN-II)

The review process over at the Water Resources Planning and Management (ASCE) is finally over and the Battle of the Water Networks II (BWN-II) summary paper is published. There are 50 (!) authors to this paper led by Dr Angela Marchi. Abstract:

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The Value of Water

According to a survey by Xylem American say that “water is the most important service they receive, ahead of electricity, heat, the Internet and cell phones. Among businesses, it ranks second only to electricity. ” Water has for too long been absent from the national

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Water is responsible for 12.6% of US energy use

According to a research from the University of  Texas titled “Evaluating the energy consumed for water use in the United States“, water is responsible for 12.6% of US energy use: From the abstract: This letter consists of a first-order analysis

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Stated NRW (Non-Revenue Water) Rates in Urban Networks

A few months ago, the SWAN forum published a list of stated NRW (Non-Revenue Water) rates in urban networks (pdf file). According to this list there are major cities with non-revenue water rate higher than 30%:  Adana Turkey 69.0% Bacolod Philippines

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Urban Water 2012 – call for papers

Prof. Stefano Mambretti is the co-chairman of Urban Water 2012, the 1st International Conference on the Design, Construction, Maintenance, Monitoring and Control of Urban Water Systems to be held 25-27 April 2012 at New Forest, UK. He asked me to give

WaterWiSe@SG – a huge step towards the Water Smart Grid

Unfortunately many of the links in this post are broken as the WaterWise project’s web-site was removed 🙁 I have been following the WaterWiSe@SG project for a few years now as I personally know one of the team members. Although I did

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Water security index

ֲ From maplecroft: A new report evaluating the water security of 165 countries has rated the supply of clean, fresh water to the societies and businesses of 10 nations at “extreme risk.” I don’t have access to the full report so

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Water rationing caused pipe breaks in LA

During the summer of 2009 a large number of water pipe breaks occurred in Los Angeles. Apparently,ֲ  there were 101 blowouts in the summer of 2009 (July, August and September) compared to 42 in 2008, 49 in 2007 and 48

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The Battle of the Water Calibration Networks (BWCN)

Following the Battle of the Water Networks (BWN) in 1985 and more recently the Battle of the Water Sensor Networks (BWSN) I’m happy to announce the Battle of the Water Calibration Networks (BWCN): The BWCN calls for teams/individuals from academia,