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InfoWorks CS version 7.5

From Wallingford Software press release: Wallingford Software announces that the next release of its flagship wastewater network management solution, InfoWorks CS v7.5, adds a powerful new capability for those seeking to accurately model overland urban flooding. This new feature, available

What’s New in WaterGEMS V8?

Bentley announced the new features of WaterGEMS and WaterCad that will be available in the new version – V8. The official release date is scheduled for the second quarter, 2006. MicroStation platform All-inclusive ArcMap interface Geodatabase integration TRex – Terrain

AGNet ג€“ ArcGISֲ® and EPANET Integration

ATS-Chester developed an interface to link EPAג€™s EPANET software with ESRIג€™s ArcGISֲ® software (it seems that it is an old version). Applications: Water system modeling Water quality management Facility planning GIS integration User-friendly modeling Features: Developed using ESRIג€™s latest ArcObjects

Unidirectional Flushing Program

MWH Soft released InfoWater UDF, a solution for unidirectional flushing of drinking water distribution systems. InfoWater UDF delivers helps in managing the systematic flushing of water distribution systems to remove stagnant water along with mineral and sediment deposits that accumulate

Waterhammer in pipelines

You can calculate the waterhammer in pipelines by means of the flash-application in my www site: My other sites could be also useful for you: Editor’s note: The programs work online, you can contact the software

Pump Cycles Program

From KYPipe, LLC news release: Designed to simplify the process of sizing Hydropneumatic Tanks for pressure regulation and pump cycle control Hydropneumatic Tanks are often used to control the cycling of pumps (on-off) in systems with little storage capacity. With

WANDA Transient imports EPANET models

The folks at Delft Hydraulics sent me a message that WANDA waterhammer program, since a few months ago can also automatically input EPANET files, thereby making it very easy to perform water hammer computations on distribution networks. for more information

Civil Designer – Water

From CIVIL DESIGNER web page: Civil Designer is the design system created by civil engineers for civil engineers. Water is a powerful, yet easy to use module for the analysis and extended time simulation of fluid handling networks consisting of

Helix delta-Q Pipe Network Analysis Program

From Helix Technologies web site: delta-Q is a powerful tool for engineers and equipment suppliers to quickly and easily design and optimise pipe networks for compressible and incompressible fluids. You can produce economically and technically sound pipe system designs in

Pump & Systems – pump optimization software

Process Energy Services is pleased to introduce PUMP & SYSTEMS “BASIC” AND “PRO”, the new software tools created to assist facility operators and engineers optimize existing and new pump systems to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. The PUMP &