WaterIng – Water Distribution System Design and Analysis

WaterIng is a software research program of the Multidisciplinary Group of Fluid Modelling in Valencia (GMMF):ֲ

WaterIng is a software package for water distribution system design and analysis. It offers a multi-objective evolutionary optimization engine based on distributed artificial intelligence to support design and operation decision-making (Agent Swarm Optimization). Improved solutions from both hydraulic and economic points of view can be implemented, profiting from the high flexibility of WaterIng platform for defining and evaluating objectives. Different rule-based agents can be incorporated to perform search of solutions more efficiently; depending on the characteristics of the problem, agent population size may vary automatically. WaterIng makes it possible to manage water network data easily by using TableView; additionally, a useful visualization of networks elements over a GIS-based MapViewis done. It is possible to import shapefiles, information contained in EPANET files (.INP), or simply copy and paste information from Excel tables to Tableview. Design solutions or existent systems can by analyzed in steady state flow including extended period simulation.ֲ

Water Distribution System Design and Analysisֲ

I have downloaded the program and installed it (you will need the Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 and some VC++ 2008 redistributable files). Unfortunately I was not able to run the program and I kept getting an error messages while trying to start a new project. Searching the WaterIng website I found a few screenshots of the Hanoi water network whichֲ is a well known benchmarkֲ optimization problem.ֲ

WaterIng – Hanoi Water Distribution Network

The WaterIng team used it to demonstrate the program optimization capabilities. It is not explicitly written but from the following image, showing a pareto front,ֲ I understand that the two optimization objectives were: minimum cost (horizontal axes) and minimumֲ head deviation.ֲ

Hanoi water network optimization – pareto front

One can see that on the very right hand side the cost values are around 6,100,000 with little or no head deviations. This value is in the range of previous published results.

Update: a limited version of WaterIng is available over at http://www.ingeniousware.com.

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  1. omid saleh says:

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  2. cnwaterworker says:

    I can’t access the website and can’t download the software,can you email one copy to me,thank in advance.


  3. cnwaterworker – this could be since Google sites are blocked in China. I will try to send you a copy via email but the file is over 14MB in size. Can you get large files in your email account?

  4. Hello, I was really surprised when I saw your post because I’m the developer of WaterIng, it have been developed during my PhD research at the former CMMF at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. I should say thanks for this post. If someone have any trouble with the software (to install it or to use it) just send me an email to imontalvo@ingeniousware.net .
    In the Pareto Front the two optimization objectives were: the minimization of the initial investment cost and the minimization of the lack of pressure in the network. The lack of pressure is understood as the summation of the lack of pressure of each node. The lack of pressure at a node will be zero if it is equal or bigger than the desired minimum pressure (at the current node), otherwise it is going to be the desired minimum pressure minus the current pressure at the node. It should also be said that the result was multiplied by a penalization factor but just to have a better view of the graphic. For the problem Hanoi network, the constraint of having at least 30 m of pressure at each node was turn into an objective which is an advantage compared to treating it as a constraint. For the rest, It was respected the original form and data of the problem. It could be seen that for a lack of pressure equal to zero the solution in the Pareto front is near 6.1×10^6 $ which is in the rank of the better solutions found in the literature.
    I should release a new version by the end of next week, it is going to be free to use and there is also a Sharp version for enterprises and individuals wanting to use it in real projects. In September Iג€™ll be talking about WaterIng in the The 12th annual Water Distribution Systems Analysis conference (WDSA 2010) that will be held in Tucson, Arizona.
    In http://www.ingeniousware.net it could be seen some of the people who have helped in one way or another one to develop the software, special thanks should be given to my advisors Dr. Joaquֳ­n Izquierdo Sebastiֳ¡n and Dr. Rafael Pֳ©rez, and also to the Cuban Professor Dr. Josֳ© Bienvenido MArtֳ­nez Rodrֳ­guez and the Professor Dr. Silvia Schwarze from the University of Hamburg. It wouldnג€™t be possible to develop the work without the support of the MAEC-AECI (Agencia Espaֳ±ola de Cooperaciֳ³n Internacional) fellowship that was given to me.

  5. mohanwanjari says:

    i,cant access the website & not downloded the software . can you email one copy to me free of cost. thanking you in advance.

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    I have not any website and I can’t download the software,Please email one copy of software to me,thank in advance.

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  13. Stephen Nyende-Byakika says:

    Kindly send me this software by mail. One of my research interests is optimisation of water distribution systems.

    Thank you.

  14. diyobaku antariksa says:

    can i had a free download epanet software for water dstribution system and design, networking,please..

  15. Glenda says:

    hola me gustaria descargar el watering de prueba para observar como funciona.. seria interezante simular la red de AAPP en este programa.. y en que lugar lo puedo descargar.. ayudenme xfa!!

  16. Adebowale Saka says:

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  22. Samson says:

    I would like to download the WaterIng software and see how it works! Please help me to achieve this as no direct link for download is available

  23. Joaquim Sousa says:

    I would like to see a result comparison between WaterIng and WaterNetGen:
    It would be very interesting to compare the performances of both packages.

  24. Samuel Hatibu says:

    Kindly send me a copy of the software

  25. shivanand math says:

    I want to know how water distribution system works.

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    Can you print the network maps with this software?

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  35. Karwan Ali says:


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