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Jim Uber posted on the EPANET-Users list that Lew Rossman, the creator of EPANET, has retired. He also sent the code of QHCSIM which Lew published back in 1991 and might be the first public version of a combined hydraulic …

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I already wrote a few posts about calling EPANET from Matlab but this question keeps returning. Currently these are two leading Matlab classes\wrappers for calling EPANET: EPANET Matlab Class by Marios Kyriakou and Demetrios Eliades from KIOS research center – “The …

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Following the release of the EPANET-RTX real time extension for the EPANET toolkit, Sam Hatchett posted some Matlab wrappers and scripts for various EPANET applications, including MSX (original code by Jim Uber). This release is another open source project under the Open Water …

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