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Announcement of an open source EPANET initiative

Dominic Boccelli published today an announcement about a new open source EPANET initiative: The EPANET program and source code have played invaluable roles in research and practice in the WDSA field. The undersigned supporters of the Open Source EPANET initiative acknowledge the

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The creator of EPANET has retired

Jim Uber posted on the EPANET-Users list that Lew Rossman, the creator of EPANET, has retired. He also sent the code of QHCSIM which Lew published back in 1991 and might be the first public version of a combined hydraulic

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EPANet 3

During the WDSA2010 conference, held in Tucson AZ, Lew Rossman gave a sneak peek into the future version of EPANet. It might be called 2.1 or 3.0 and it scheduled to be released probably next year. This will be the last

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