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Real-time Data Processing, Modelling and Control in Urban Water Systems Session

As part of the 11th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (HIC 2014, August 17 – 21, 2014, New York, USA) there will be a special session on Real-time Data Processing, Modelling and Control in Urban Water Systems. The session is intended to bring

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Water Main Break Causes Fish Kill in Cedar Rapids

According to Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) a Water main break caused fish to die in Cedar Rapids. Apart for damage to roads, flats, cars and such (look at these great pictures from the last major main break in London)

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What users think – ISO guidelines keep water flowing

This post by Natalia Drault and T. Duncan Ellison is reprinted from ISO Focus+ magazine according to the reuse license. The authors are members of the ISO/TC 224.  I’m an expert member of ISO TC224/WG 09 which is writing the ISO standard for Water Event Detection system. Access to

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Hackers caught taking over honeypot water pumping station

During the blackhat europe 2013 convention, Kyle Wilhoit of Trend Micro  gave a talk about “Who’s Really Attacking Your ICS Devices?“.  Kyle has set up a test decoy web server which mimics the operation of control station for water pumps. According to

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EPANet – Russian and Ukrainian version

A Russian and Ukrainian version of EPANet is available at The entire user manual was also translated.  Download from here or here.

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Japanese toilets and energy consumption

During an ISO meeting one of the members said that toilets should be called “user interface”. This led to a somewhat funny discussion about toilets around the world. While talking about the heated toilets in Japan it was pointed that

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Did the Syrian Electronic Army attack Haifa’s water supply SCADA system?

Earlier this month there were reports that the city of Haifa (a northern city in Israel) water supply SCADA system was attacked by a group named the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The source of these reports was the Iranian Ahlul Bayt News Agency who

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Paper: The Battle of the Water Networks II (BWN-II)

The review process over at the Water Resources Planning and Management (ASCE) is finally over and the Battle of the Water Networks II (BWN-II) summary paper is published. There are 50 (!) authors to this paper led by Dr Angela Marchi. Abstract:

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Cholera: Water canary saving lives?

Last year I posted about the Water Canary and since I have not heard any news about the project. Recently a short interview published with Sonaar Luthra who “explains his role in developing a device to prevent people from using water contaminated

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Using EPANet Toolkit in C#

Update 24/02/2014: there is new EPANET C# class here. Thanks to abcprogramlama (site in Turkish) I finally got the EPANet Toolkit working in C# (C-sharp). First the EpanetCSharpLibrary should be added to the solution (click to expend or download here): Now the EPANet class

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