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Hi all,

From time to time people send great information to share with the readers of this blog. I have decided to step it up a little and give a try to guest posts. Your content may reach hundreds of reader each day and over 900 water professionals on my newsletter.

Topics which may be of interest to my readers (all related to water of course):

  • software (free and commercial)
  • hardware
  • research
  • books
  • events
  • projects
Just browse the blog to get some ideas. Oh, no press releases please 🙂

Interested? drop me a line

2 comments on “Guest posts – invitation to write on this blog
  1. I am pleased to give you the link to a site where I put some practical theory and different Excel tools to support the design of Water Supply System (WSS). They were developed to standardize, facilitate and accelerate the concept phase of a WSS and to prepare a proper models (for Epanet or any simulation software)

  2. james cook says:

    Hello… thanks for the information..

    I am located in Bogota. Colombia and I would like to increase my habilities in this Epanet . Where i can go or what I can do¿

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