The Water Channel TV

The Water Channel TV is a dedicated web-based video channel on water. Itֲ caters to a large audience, making a large amount of video material availableֲ in support of many initiatives.

From the wb site:

TheWaterChannel brings together several strands: insights in todayג€™s water challenges, multimedia expertise and a passion for better water management and better water services for a growing world. Apart from the website, TheWaterChannel is a repository of visual water material and a media facility. TheWaterChannel provides the following services:

  • Hosting of videos on and their active promotion through local broadcasts, social media, real-time announcements and linkage to special target groups
  • Media management ג€“ management of video material within organizations, converting and processing (voice over, trailers and others), broadcasting and dissemination of new and old material
  • Theme development ג€“ bringing together videos on special themes, adding supplementary material and special activities to bring the theme to the attention of a large audience
  • Support to awareness and educational campaigns and events – prepare background material, provide interactive services, live-streaming and others
  • Special productions ג€“ developing special videos or communication packages as well also video documentation and fact-finding using a network of contacts
  • Off-line services ג€“ compilation DVDs for educational purposes and others, where on-line access is inconvenient

Here is an example. In West Virginia critics warn public health and safety are threatened by coal waste from power plants that is stored in hundreds of slurry ponds or injected underground:

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