Matlab wrappers for EPANet and EPANet-MSX

Following the release of the EPANET-RTX real time extension for the EPANET toolkitSam Hatchett posted some Matlab wrappers and scripts for various EPANET applications, including MSX (original code by Jim Uber). This release is another open source project under the Open Water Analytics group on gihub.

From the project description:

This product consists of a set of Matlab wrappers that allow use of the EPANET and EPANET-MSX programmer’s toolkit APIs from within the Matlab environment. The Matlab functions share names with the C-language API functions. Usage of the Matlab functions is similar; the argument lists are identical, with the exception that Matlab separates input and output arguments. User’s of the EPANET or EPANET-MSX APIs with Matlab programming experience should be able to make efficient use of this product.

In addition to the Matlab API wrappers, this product includes a small number of utility routines that, for example, allow for plotting of the network using Matlab graphics.

The following  image shows species concentration at nodes and along pipe segments (by Sam Hatchett)


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2 comments on “Matlab wrappers for EPANet and EPANet-MSX

    necesito el software free, de epanet para tuberias, gracias.

  2. Lucas Vasconcelos says:
    También podrás descargarlo de este sitio en otras lenguas.

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