EPANET Matlab classes

I already wrote a few posts about calling EPANET from Matlab but this question keeps returning. Currently these are two leading Matlab classes\wrappers for calling EPANET:

  1. EPANET Matlab Class by Marios Kyriakou and Demetrios Eliades from KIOS research center – “The EPANET-Matlab Class is an open-source software which operates within the Matlab environment, for providing a programming interface for the latest version of EPANET, a hydraulic and quality modeling software created by the US EPA, with Matlab, a high-level technical computing software. The goal of the Matlab Class is to serve as a common programming framework for research and development in the growing field of smart water networks. The EPANET-Matlab Class features easy to use commands/wrappers for viewing, modifying, simulating and plotting results produced by the EPANET libraries.” This class is distributed under the European Union Public Licence (EUPL).
  2. EPANET Matlab by Jim Uber and Sam Hatchett – “This product consists of a set of Matlab wrappers that allow use of the EPANET and EPANET-MSX programmer’s toolkit APIs from within the Matlab environment. The Matlab functions share names with the C-language API functions. Usage of the Matlab functions is similar; the argument lists are identical, with the exception that Matlab separates input and output arguments. User’s of the EPANET or EPANET-MSX APIs with Matlab programming experience should be able to make efficient use of this product. In addition to the Matlab API wrappers, this product includes a small number of utility routines that, for example, allow for plotting of the network using Matlab graphics.” This code is distributed under Unlicense.
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4 comments on “EPANET Matlab classes
  1. freddius magige says:

    Please more informations requested too, and appreciated especial water network optimization. Matlab is powerful tool in almost all matrix complex environment like Water Network Optimization, it need minor coding otherwise.

    Thanks indeed

  2. Simone says:

    Hello, I have to generate random coefficients and exponents of emitters in order to fit the curve dH-Q generated with parameters of the curve I have observed. How can I do?

  3. jafar says:

    Hello, I want to link Epanet to matlab 2014, what I do?
    help me, please.

  4. Ram Krishna Mazumder says:

    hello Sir,

    I am a new phd student, I dont know how to use DLL to integrate in Matlab. I tried dowloading matlab files from GitHub but I failed to integrate as it showd a lot of error message. I am using Mac OX 10.10.5. Could you please tell me how can I do that. Is there any well defined procedure available how to start as a beginner?

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