PCSWMM.NET, from CHI, is aֲ spatial decision support system for US EPA SWMM 5 urban drainage modeling (sanitary, storm, combined and watershed systems).

From CHI web site:

Built from the ground up around a modern, powerful GIS engine that works seamlessly with the latest GIS data formats, PCSWMM.NET implements advanced, intelligent tools for streamlining sewer collection system model development, optimization and analysis.With full support for the latest, fully dynamic US EPA SWMM5 hydrology/hydraulics engine, PCSWMM.NET provides a scalable (unlimited model sizes), and complete array of professional, enterprise level, urban drainage system modeling tools for an affordable price.


Modelling capabilities:

  • time-varying rainfall
  • evaporation of standing surface water
  • snow accumulation and melting
  • rainfall interception from depression storage
  • infiltration of rainfall into unsaturated soil layers
  • percolation of infiltrated water into groundwater layers
  • interflow between groundwater and the drainage system
  • nonlinear reservoir routing of overland flow
  • handle networks of unlimited size
  • use a wide variety of standard closed and open conduit shapes as well as natural channels
  • model special elements such as storage/treatment units, flow dividers, pumps, weirs, and orifices
  • apply external flows and water quality inputs from surface runoff, groundwater interflow, compute rainfall-dependent infiltration/inflow (RDII), dry weather sanitary flow (DWF), and user-defined inflows
  • utilize either kinematic wave or full dynamic wave flow routing methods
  • model various flow regimes, such as backwater, surcharging, reverse flow, and surface ponding
  • apply priority-based, dynamic control rules to simulate the operation of pumps, orifice openings, and weir crest levels.
  • dry-weather pollutant buildup over different land uses
  • pollutant washoff from specific land uses during storm events
  • direct contribution of rainfall deposition
  • reduction in dry-weather buildup due to street cleaning
  • reduction in washoff load due to BMPs
  • entry of dry weather sanitary flows and user-specified external inflows at any point in the drainage system
  • routing of water quality constituents through the drainage system
  • reduction in constituent concentration through treatment in storage units or by natural processes in pipes and channels.

New features:

  • Scenario analysis
  • Sub-model creation and model merging
  • Engineering audits (QA/QC)
  • Fill in missing data with PCSWMM Calculators
  • Dual drainage creation wizard
  • Time pattern creation and load allocation for DWF
  • Area weighting
  • Radar rainfall
  • Visual editors
  • Dynamic hydraulic grade line plots
  • Design storm generation
  • Data importing
  • Layer reprojection
  • Scatter plots
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  1. Hello,

    Please more information about SWMM5 (PCSWMM.NET), including, price, limitation and advantages (For example: Comparison with XPSWMM).


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