Israel Water Authority Water Technologies conference

CleanTech 2014 logoDuring the CleanTech 2014 conference (February 18-19, 2014) , the Israeli Water Authority will hold a one day session (Hebrew link) presenting it’s third call for Water Technologies research projects and a summary of the first and second call. These projects brings together water utilities and technology companies. Looking at the agenda I can see a number of possible interesting presentations:

Water Distribution Dynamic pressure control by Stream Control. Their product, Aqua-Guard controller, is aimed to “dynamically adjusts the pressure applied to the network in accordance with actual demand for water”. The company will present their case study with the Hagihon (Jerusalem’s water utility) which, for some years now, provides a platform for Israeli water technology innovations. According to the company, over a period of 18 months, Aqua Guard reduced the leakage by 30% (no absolute figures were given yet) with a ROI of 6 months.

Emergency water distribution by EZ Pack with the Tanur Water and Sewage Corporation. EZPack’s products are flexible and portable water storage systems ranging from 50 liters (~13 gallons) up to 20,000 liters (~5,000 gallons). Just earlier this month we saw the need for such systems with the Elk River chemical spill in West Virginia. Just look at the images of people at water filling stations. The Israeli Water Authority recommends an emergency kit of 3 days water supply of 4 liters per person per day (a total of 12 liters per person).

Disclaimer: I’m not associated in any way with the commercial companies mentioned above.

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