Water Main Break Causes Fish Kill in Cedar Rapids

According to Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) a Water main break caused fish to die in Cedar Rapids. Apart for damage to roads, flats, cars and such (look at these great pictures from the last major main break in London) water leaks can harm to animal in the nature. The chlorinated water from Cedar Rapids water system leaked to a nearby stream and killed about 70 trouts. Here is the posting by DNR:

The rupture of a water main resulted in chlorinated water reaching McLoud Run in Cedar Rapids causing a fish kill Thursday evening.

Approximately 70-75 trout, some ranging from 14-inches to 18-inches long, as well as some white suckers, were found dead along an approximately one-quarter to one-half mile stretch of McLoud Run near Council Street and Miami Drive NE. Water from the water main break entered the stream through a storm sewer. The break was discovered by Cedar Rapids city officials Thursday night and repaired. An undetermined amount of chlorinated water reached the stream.

The stream was extremely turbid downstream from where the fish kill was first discovered so there may be additional losses. Fisheries biologists from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources will return to the stream once the water has cleared to determine if additional fish were killed.

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