Real-time Data Processing, Modelling and Control in Urban Water Systems Session

As part of the 11th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (HIC 2014, August 17 – 21, 2014, New York, USA) there will be a special session on Real-time Data Processing, Modelling and Control in Urban Water Systems. The session is intended to bring together the latest work in this growing research area. Abstract submission will still take place through the main HIC 2014 website.

Full announcement from Professor Zoran Kapelan:

HIC2014 Mini Symposium

Real-time data processing, modelling and control in urban water systems

Dr Chris Hutton and Professor Zoran Kapelan

Centre for Water systems, University of Exeter, UK.

Over recent years technological developments have led to an increase in the availability of (near) real-time data from both water distribution systems and sewer systems (wastewater, stormwater and combined), which provides a great potential to derive information and understanding of current system states. Furthermore, such data improves our ability to simulate and control urban water systems to meet operational requirements by allowing control scenarios to be derived in response to real-time conditions. Converting the raw data derived from system measurements into usable information, using such information to run model simulations of the system, and also deriving control strategies for the system in question is, however, no trivial task, particularly considering the time constraints (i.e. computational issues) in responding to rapidly changing real-time conditions.

The mini symposium seeks to bring together the latest work in the area of real-time research in urban water systems and hydroinformatics, particularly in the following areas:

  • Real-time processing and validation of both water quantity and quality data
  • Real-time forecasting of system load (demand, rainfall, etc.)
  • Real-time state estimation
  • Data Assimilation
  • Real-time optimisation/control of system operation under normal conditions
  • Early warning systems for real-time detection and/or isolation of various faulty/other events (e.g. pipe bursts, flooding, pollution, etc.)
  • Model-based predictive control of urban water systems

Submissions are particularly encouraged that explore novel methods for dealing with uncertainty in data and models in real-time, and also the integrated approaches that explore issues concerning the whole processing chain from obtaining real-time data to deriving control options as part of a decision support system. Illustrations of the above methods applied to real-life urban water systems and observed data are also encouraged.

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