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WaterCAD is a complete geographic information management system for your water utility in a cost-effective package that saves you money each time you use it. Analyze water quality, determine fire flow requirements, calibrate large distribution networks and more with WaterCAD’s powerful hydraulic analysis tools. WaterCAD is a sophisticated tool that enables engineers and decision makers to analyze and manage distribution networks with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

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6 comments on “WaterCad
  1. abdulrahman says:

    i want to get the software

  2. Mohammed Rashid says:

    i am Msc in civil eng,i joined in the distance learning class at 16 april 2010,and i have certificate,i designed small water ssupply system by using water cad.

  3. young seun boo says:

    i am working i korea water resources corp. as a team manager.

    we’re interested in the field of water leakage management.

    and i want to know whethe your software is suitable in our country’s waterworks.

    i want to get the software

  4. ruzaiman says:

    am in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. how can i get the software..??

  5. raed hazim says:

    civil engineer

  6. ashraf attya says:

    i am working I Egypt water treatment injection plant as a head manager of plants
    we’re interested in the field of water leakage management
    I want to get the software and explain how to running

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