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Last year I posted about the Water Canary and since I have not heard any news about the project. Recently a short interview published with Sonaar Luthra who “explains his role in developing a device to prevent people from using water contaminated …

Cholera: Water canary saving lives? Read More »

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I have been watching the Water Canary project from the beginning of the year waiting for some news – nothing yet. I first saw the Ted video, which is just great: Searching for more information only got me the simple, PR style, …

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Almost 12,000 people have contracted choleraֲ since August in Zimbabwe, and the outbreak threatens to grow more direֲ  and deadlyֲ because the nation can’t pay for chemicals to treat water or for doctors to treat victims. Residents in Harare were digging shallow …

Cholera kills hundreds in Zimbabwe Read More »

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