Water from air – the Jalimudi Village project

Air Water International Corporation sent a press release announcing the install of an Air Water Station in the Jalimudi Village, India:

For the villagers of Jalimudi, a small village in Andhra Pradesh, it is a historic event. They are getting water from the air thanks to modern day technology. Jalimudi is the first village in the world to have a sustained water supply that is not from the sea, river, lake, pipeline, well, or transported by water tankers and trucks.

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  1. Update: the link to Air Water International Corporation no longer works. For more information about the project (current to Feb 2013) see http://www.watermakerindia.com/waterintiatives.php

    Information about the water-from-air resource at various locations in India is available at http://www.atmoswater.com/india-wfar-charts.html

    Results of computer simulations for operation of a 2500 L/d water-from-air machine at various sites in India are available at http://www.candew.ca/awg-2500-ld-computer-simulations.html

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