Water from air – the Jalimudi Village project

Air Water International Corporation sent a press release announcing the install of an Air Water Station in the Jalimudi Village, India:

For the villagers of Jalimudi, a small village in Andhra Pradesh, it is a historic event. They are getting water from the air thanks to modern day technology. Jalimudi is the first village in the world to have a sustained water supply that is not from the sea, river, lake, pipeline, well, or transported by water tankers and trucks.

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2 comments on “Water from air – the Jalimudi Village project
  1. Update: the link to Air Water International Corporation no longer works. For more information about the project (current to Feb 2013) see http://www.watermakerindia.com/waterintiatives.php

    Information about the water-from-air resource at various locations in India is available at http://www.atmoswater.com/india-wfar-charts.html

    Results of computer simulations for operation of a 2500 L/d water-from-air machine at various sites in India are available at http://www.candew.ca/awg-2500-ld-computer-simulations.html

  2. matta dinesh babu says:

    sir iam dinesh recently i heared about awards provided by usa team for innovations in air water maker at least 2000 litres per day at the cost of 3000 rupees. please go and get the prize.

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