Operation Atlas – Poisoning Tel-Aviv Residents

mufti-hitlerOn 1941 the Arab Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini met with Adolf Hitler and discussed ways to ‘solve the Jewish problem’. Three years later the Nazis and the Arabs of Palestine planned to poison the drinking water in Tel-Aviv with Arsenic poison.

Four years before the establishment of the State of Israel the Nazis and the Arabs of Palestine planned to poison the water of Tel Aviv with Arsenic poison, and only as a result of an early intelligence report by a British spy who was working undercover in the German military intelligence service, the plan was never carried out.

Hezbollah planning to poison rivers that flow into Israel

After the Second Lebanon War on 2006 the Israeli Defense Ministry received some disturbing information concerning the water in Israel. According to the information, Hezbollah is attempting to sabotage the quality of the water in Israel by pouring poison from the Lebanese side of the border to the rivers that flow to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).
After an evaluation of the situation a decision was made by the Mekorot Company – a water company that provides 90% of the drinking water for the inhabitants of Israel – and by the Defense Ministry, to put special types of fish into the Snir River, close to the Lebanese border. Each type of fish responds to different types of poisons that could appear in the water. Mekorot is inspecting the activity of the fish from a control room. If something happens to one of the fish it gives an immediate indication that the water is poisoned and by which type of poison. The security of water is not abnormal. Mekorot is taking the same measures in other locations in Israel in order to prevent water poisoning including strategic apparatuses in the south and electronic devices in sensitive areas.

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  1. ד"ר רבקה שפק ליסק says:

    אני מבקשת לדעת מהו המקור עליו מבוסס הסיפור על ההרעלה.
    כידוע, יש כאלה הכופרים בכל הסיפור

  2. Marquis says:

    Sources about the poisoning well by Islamic Mufti leader al-Husseini: Arab Nani plot 1944 ‘Operation Atlas’

    “Behind the Headlines Israeli Journalists Claim Nazi, Palestinian Group Tried to Poison Tel Aviv Water.” JTA, June 23, 1983.

    Michael Bar-Zohar and Eitan Haber, two experienced Israeli journalists, make the claim in a recently published book that Palestinian Arab terrorists and Nazi agents parachuted into the Jordan valley area in November, 1944 with enough poison to kill the 250,000 Jewish residents of Tel Aviv…

    The plot to murder Tel Aviv’s Jewish population was hatched in Berlin by the Mufti, whose hatred of Jews and Zionism led him into an unholy alliance with the Nazis. Husseini was invited to Berlin by Hitler after a short stay in wartime Italy.

    The Mufti was feted by the Nazi authorities, given a commodious residential suite in the Bellevue Palace and introduced not only to the Fuehrer but to other Nazi bigwigs — including Adolf Eichmann. Of the latter, the Mufti said: “I discovered a priceless pearl by the name of Eichmann.”


    Hitler’s war against Jews continues in ‘Palestine’
    Richard Mather, The Jerusalem Post, March 16, 2015.

    Operation Atlas was eerily prescient of contemporary fears of terrorists obtaining biological weapons. In 1944, at the behest of Husseini, Hitler ordered a five-man team to dump a lethal toxin in the water supply of Tel Aviv. Luckily, the unit, which comprised three Germans and two Arabs, was caught by police in Jericho before they had chance to execute their plan. It is estimated that a quarter of million people would have died if the plot had succeeded.


    Bergman, R. (2019). Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations. United States: Random House Publishing Group. p. 641.

    … poison Tel Aviv’s water supply. The poison that was to be used in Operation Atlas was arsenious Oxide and its aim, according to the participants who were interrogated violently by British intelligence, was “to inflict maximum damage” on the common enemies of the Palestinians and the Nazis— Jews, British and Americans (UK NA KV2/455)


    Sharfman, D. (2014). Palestine in the Second World War: Strategic Plans and Political Dilemmas, the Emergence of a New Middle East. United Kingdom: Sussex Academic Press. p. 86.

    The National Defence Party was not used to drum up Arab support for the war effort … Another event, organised by the Mufti in cooperation with German Intelligence, was a thankfully unsuccessful attempt to poison Tel Aviv’s water supply . During “Operation Atlas”, a unit of five paratroopers (three Germans and two Arabs) …

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