AGNet ג€“ ArcGISֲ® and EPANET Integration

ATS-Chester developed an interface to link EPAג€™s EPANET software with ESRIג€™s ArcGISֲ® software (it seems that it is an old version).


  • Water system modeling
  • Water quality management
  • Facility planning
  • GIS integration
  • User-friendly modeling


  • Developed using ESRIג€™s latest ArcObjects technology.
  • Adds a new toolbar to ArcGIS standard interface.
  • Allows you to create and edit your EPANET model from inside GIS.
  • Provides a synchronization tool to update existing models from GIS updates.
  • Exports GIS layers as a backdrop for EPANET model.
  • Allows displaying output results as a thematic map.
  • ArcView 3.x version (AVNet also available).

For more information see ATS-Chester web site.

Book related to the subject:
Arc Hydro: GIS for Water Resources

5 comments on “AGNet ג€“ ArcGISֲ® and EPANET Integration
  1. Gostaria do link para o download do AgNet – ArcGIS

  2. Montassar says:

    How can I download AGnet – ArcGis for Epanet 2.0


  3. Maria Fernandes says:

    Can I try AGnet ג€“ ArcGis for Epanet 2.0? Where can I download it?


  4. Syam rizal says:

    I want to know much about this program. if it may be, how to get the softwere…? thanks sirs

  5. hello sir,

    i wanted to know how to download this AGnet ג€“ ArcGis for EPANET 2.0… please help me sir.

    Thank you,

    Indushri Haridas

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