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H2OMAP Water provides the most powerful and practical GIS platform for water utility solutions. As a stand-alone GIS-based program, H2OMAP Water combines spatial analysis tools and mapping functions with sophisticated and accurate network modeling for complete infrastructure (asset) management and business planning. It performs fast, reliable and comprehensive hydraulic and dynamic water quality modeling, energy management (with true variable speed pumping), real-time simulation and control with on-line SCADA interface, complete fire flow analysis, and unidirectional flushing. The program can also be effectively used to analyze pressurized sewer collection system.

Hydraulic Modeling Capabilities:

  • places no limit on the size of the network and number of components that can be analyzed (unlimited link version)
  • supports both English and metric (Standard International) units
  • analyzes steady-state and extended period simulations
  • computes friction headloss using the Hazen-Williams, Darcy-Weisbach, or Chezy-Manning formulas
  • includes minor (local) head losses for bends, meters, fittings, etc.
  • models constant or variable speed pumps
  • models a fixed pressure pump (FPP) that automatically adjusts its speed to maintain a user specified target pressure (or head) anywhere in the system
  • models turbines and totalizing flow meters
  • calculates Net Positive Suction Head requirements (available NPSH, required NPSH, and cavitation index) to ensure cavitation free operation
  • determines system head curves and fire hydrant rating curves
  • calculates available and design fire flows at minimum residual pressures
  • computes pumping energy and cost based on variable electricity and demand charges
  • accommodates various types of static and dynamic control valves including shutoff, check, float, pressure reducing, pressure sustaining, dual pressure regulating (maintain downstream and upstream pressures), pressure breaker, vacuum breaker, motorized throttled, general purpose, flow control, and reduced pressure backflow prevention valves
  • allows single and multiple inlet/outlet storage tanks to have any shape (i.e., diameter can vary with height)
  • models constant and variable head reservoirs
  • considers multiple demand categories at nodes, each with its own pattern of time variation
  • models pressure-dependent demand issuing from emitters (sprinkler heads)
  • automatically carries out pressure-demand analysis to compute the percentage (%) of demand supplied to each node (ratio of actual demand vs specified demand)
  • tracks flow reversals for pipe flushing
  • determines pipe sequences for unidirectional flushing
  • simulates leakage in a pipe
  • specifies system operation based on both simple node pressure, tank level, link flow, or timer controls and on complex rule-based controls
  • provides on-line SCADA interface with alarms

Water Quality Modeling Capabilities:

  • tracks the movement of a non-reactive tracer material (e.g., fluoride) through the network over time
  • models the movement and fate of a reactive material as it grows (e.g., a disinfection by-product) or decays (e.g., chlorine residual) with time
  • calculates the age of water throughout a network
  • computes the percent of flow from a given node reaching all other nodes over time
  • analyzes kinetic reactions both in the bulk flow and at the pipe wall
  • incorporates nth order kinetics to model reactions in the bulk flow
  • uses zero or first order kinetics to model reactions at the pipe wall
  • accounts for mass transfer limitations when modeling pipe wall reactions
  • allows growth or decay reactions to proceed up to a limiting concentration
  • employs global reaction rate coefficients that can be modified on a pipe-by-pipe basis
  • permits wall reaction rate coefficients to be correlated to pipe roughness
  • allows for time-varying concentration or mass inputs at any location in the network
  • models storage tanks as being either complete mix, plug flow, or two-compartment reactors

For more information see H2OMAP Water web site.

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