CEDRA-AVwaterTM enables the engineer to define the geometric configuration, establish the materials inventory of a water distribution network, introduce supply and demand loads, perform analyses and display pertinent results in graphic and/or tabular format. Storage tanks, pressure regulating, sustaining and open/close valves, pumps, meters, etc. can be included in the water distribution model. Extended period simulations which adjust liquid levels in tanks over a user-specified simulation period may be modeled. AVwater users can perform Fire Flow analyses with node and pipe summary tables being created facilitating the system adequacy determination, as well as, Dynamic Water Quality modeling which tracks the fate of a dissolved substance flowing through the network over time. CEDRA AVwaterTM offers the engineer an ArcViewֲ® GIS and ArcGISֲ® interface to (a) the University of Kentucky’s KYPIPETM modeler and (b) the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s EPANETTM Version 1 and Version 2 modelers, thereby integrating modeling and GIS technology.

For a complete description see The CEDRA Corporation website

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