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StormNET Builderג„¢ is the most advanced, powerful, and comprehensive stormwater and wastewater modeling package available for analyzing and designing urban drainage systems, stormwater sewers, and sanitary sewers. StormNET Builder is the only model that combines complex hydrology, hydraulics, and water quality in a completely graphical, easy-to-use interface. Both imperial and metric (SI) units are supported.

Network Analysis Components

  • Watershed subbasins
  • Inlets & catchbasins
  • Detention Ponds
  • Complex outlet structures
  • Standpipes, weirs & orifices
  • Stormwater & wastewater sewers
  • Pumps & lift stations
  • Manholes & junctions
  • Rivers, streams & ditches
  • Culverts & bridges

Hydrology Modeling Capability

  • Time-varying rainfall
  • Evaporation of standing surface water
  • Snow accumulation and melting
  • Rainfall interception from depression storage
  • Infiltration of rainfall into unsaturated soil layers
  • Percolation of infiltrated water into groundwater layers
  • Interflow between groundwater and the drainage system
  • Nonlinear reservoir routing of overland flow

Hydraulic Modeling Capability

  • Handle networks of unlimited size
  • Use a wide variety of standard closed and open conduit shapes as well as natural channels
  • Model special elements such as storage/treatment units, flow dividers, pumps, weirs, and orifices
  • Apply external flows and water quality inputs from surface runoff, groundwater interflow, rainfall-dependent infiltration/inflow, dry weather sanitary flow, and user-defined inflows
  • Utilize either kinematic wave or full hydrodynamic wave flow routing methods
  • Model various flow regimes, such as backwater, surcharging, reverse flow, and surface ponding
  • Apply user-defined dynamic control rules to simulate the operation of pumps, orifice openings, and weir crest levels

For more information see StormNET web page.

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